9 Benefits of Living Roofs

Whatever you choose to call them Living, Green, Vegetative, or Garden Roofs

These Roofs can Provide Significant Benefits to your Building

1) Building Increases in Value

To put in simple, installing a living roof will increase the value of your building.

Building Increases in Value

2) Storm water Management

Garden roof systems can be excellent for storm water management.

3) Increase Productivity Among Employees

Studies have shown that commercial buildings with vegetative roofs can improve morale and performance among employees.

4) Wildlife Habitat

wildlife on roofA living roof will provide habitat for living animals. If you enjoy watching birds, you will enjoy spending time on top of your building.

5) Provide Shade

Green Roofs are able to significantly lower the air temperature above the roof surface.

6) Grow Produce

Growing your own fruit and vegetables are excellent for restaurants, but anyone can enjoy these tasty treats.

7) Noise Reduction

Less interior noise for your building. The less noise, the less distraction for workers.

8) Incentives for Living Roofs

More and more incentives are being offered for individuals installing garden roofs.

9) More Space

Accessible green roofs give your building more space. The roof is normally a space that it is unused, but a green roof can be used as a break area for workers.

garden roof on building




Green Buildings – Roof System

What is Green Roof Systems?

You will get a different answer depending on whom you ask. Personally I consider any roofing system that will lower a buildings annual energy bills a green system. These energy efficient systems can lower a buildings energy costs, and help promote a green building.

Various Types of Green Roofs

Garden Roof – A roof consisting of living plants placed on the rooftop.

Solar Roofs – Use solar power to produce energy.

Cool Roofs/Reflective Roofs/White Roofs – These roofs can be TPO, PVC, EPDM, or almost any type of roof system with a reflective coating. These systems can be even more cost efficient when used with the addition of skylights. And today even solar skylights are available.

 Energy leaking through the roof