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Should Property Owners Invest More than Twice as Much for a Solar Roof?

Common Questions/Answers – Solar Roofs

HOW DOES A SOLAR SYSTEM WORK? When sunlight strikes a PV system, its cells absorb protons and generate electricity in the process. The photon’s energy transfers to the PV cell, which works as a semiconductor. Electrons move from the semiconductor material (PV cell), creating a current in an electrical circuit. The electrical properties of the PV cell provide the voltage needed to drive the current though an external load.

IS THE ELECTRICITY THAT A SOLAR ROOF SYSTEM GENERATES IMMEDIATELY USEABLE? Solar roofing systems generate DC electricity, pass it through an inverter, and convert it to usable AC power for building owners. The existing electrical outlets lets the building store and distribute the power a solar system generates.

HOW MANY YEARS DOES A SOLAR ROOFING SYSTEM LAST? Solar systems can last as long as 30 years if properly designed, installed, and maintained.

DOES WEATHER AFFECT THE PERFORMANCE? Solar systems produce energy directly proportional to the amount of sunlight available. In warmer climates, property owners will see greater savings. During nighttime, power will come from batteries charged during the day.

WHAT IS THE AVERAGE COST OF A SYSTEM? Costs depends on the size of the roof, the available incentives and the geographic location of the green building in question.



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