Safety on a Construction Site – How to better prepare for heart failure

Unfortunately I saw a young man lose his life earlier this month. The guy was at a near by construction site by my office. He had a heart attack, and the employees around were not sure how to handle the situation.

They sat him straight up on his back, and was tapping him on the head asking him if he was alright. They called their boss first, instead of 911. We sent our safety guy over to see what was going on, he walked over, because he didn’t think it was urgent. After he didn’t feel a pulse, he immediately started giving CPR. He asked if anyone had called 911, and they replied no. So, he say call 9-1-1 now!

They called 911 and didn’t even know the address to give to the operator, so another one of our employees took the phone and took over from their. It was a disaster, and I feel awful that the young man lost his life.

Here is some tips that may help save others in the future.

1) Have some of your employees trained in CPR.

My cousin just survived a heart attack earlier in the year. He was fortunate the people he was working with, literally went and learned CPR the previous week (talk about being at the right place, at the right time).

2) Make sure your employees know their current location (address), you never know when an emergency can emerge. Have a phone located near the site as well.

3) Always call 911 first, and as soon as possible. The quicker they are on the scene, the better.